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Suma: sari maava anta heli avara tunne yannau tanna seraginda varesi.. nantara avalu tea madikondu rajuge kottu snana madalu hodalu... maava: sari hogi baa avanige team kottu baa nantara nange nin moleya haalu kudisu...

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Please ignore this story if it doesn’t suit your taste. paradon me for my mistakes as im not a story writer or a poet, the story that i’m gonna narrate here is happend a month back And the heroine of this story is priya ( obviously name changed)… Suddenly our bell was rang…Richard told me Priya some body have came go and see who have came? They all came 1 by 1 and they all leave and I was ling in the bed and I get sleep then later on when I wake up I found amit is rubbing his figuring in my pussy very badly .i told him please amit ji stop I’m very much tired.

Well, I couldn’t think any preface/intro to this story. Hi friends my name is Amit and i m from Lucknow hum sab ki personal feelings hoti jo hum sabke same ni express ni kar pate hi. Then again i was alone with Richard ji at our flat. Richard ji came in front of me take out his penis and told to suck me i suck that then again he fuck me.

I lifted my head and moved further by that cock was touching her bare thighs with pre cum. She was standing near me by facing her back side towards me, unknowingly she was covering my cock on the air from her husband, i able to smell her body perfume on the air, making me more hard on my cock.… As this is my first story I expect response from readers especially from ladies, aunties, housewives and every female.

I shifted the right hand to her left thigh and started… Hi Readers, I am kumar, staying in bangalore for around 7 years, working as software professional and doing business as well in native, 29, fair, 6.1 ft tall, average weight, living alone in 1BHK rented house. And my story is little bit long and if I am boring u means please forgive me.

strip with face and undressed and bhabhi lovers doodhwali boobs fake couples gif mirza yet sexy ... Halinavanu avala mole nodta halu hakta keltane ammavare evattinda nimge gatti halu haktini. Halinavanu- sari ammavre (tanna lungimelinda samanu savarutta heli horatuhodanu) suma halannu adige manege tandu tea madikondalu. Olage hoguva munche tanna seragannu swalpa loose madi ardha blouse kanuvante sari madikondalu. Suma anta karedanu..maava haage karedakshna elvala mole tottu nimiri nintavu.. ummhhhhaaa muuunppppchpchcpchp ummhhhhaa maava : suma ninu e manege sose agi barade hogidre naanu eshtondu naraluttidde.. Suma: sari maava ega bande anta avalu aduge manege hogi cool haalalli sakkre haaki kondu bandalu. Suma: aah bande maava (hattira bandu tanna saree yannu bichidalu..

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