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If validation is weak, consumer confidence in SSL Certificates will be undermined.

Gartner has recently examined the consequences of weak validation in their report "Secure Sockets - sometimes isn't", and concluded that consumer web-based commerce could be dramatically inhibited. The value of SSL is protected by the strength of a standard two-point validation process: Step 1: Verify that the applicant owns, or has legal right to use, the domain name featured in the application.

Windows validating certificate

Companies such as Geo Trust, through its Quick SSL and Free SSL products, and IPSCA, the Spanish SSL Provider, perform only the first stage of the two-step validation process (as employed by all other SSL Providers) by only verifying that the applicant owns the domain name provided during Certificate application.

This validation step relies on the use of Domain Name Registrar details to validate ownership of a domain name and then a challenge email is sent to the listed administrator of the domain name.

As a result our Internet economy has come to depend on SSL as a security and trust infrastructure, but what does the little yellow padlock really mean to the user?

More than some SSL Providers would have you believe… Since the SSL protocol was released by Netscape as a security technology in 1996 consumers have been educated to look for the SSL padlock before passing any critical details over the Internet.

What does a Certification Authority do before issuing a trusted SSL Certificate?

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