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"We were all going, ' Oh, my fucking God, our career's over,"' Sixx says. Instead, in the spirit of living up to their intentionally misspelled, calculatingly umlauted name, the four highschool dropouts have continued to indulge in every conceivable rock & roll vice. So instead of roaming the streets, alienated youths cruise the malls, more bored than angry.

Despite Sixx's addiction to heroin, Lee's marriage to star Heather Locklear, various sexual round robins and altercations with the law, including Neil's felony conviction for killing someone while driving drunk, their career has never seemed healthier.) have sold in the millions, simply because of the sheer force of the band's barnstorming, Vegas-like live extravaganzas. And heavy metal has caught on as a sort of Lite punk: it smells and tastes like rebellion but without that political aftertaste. whatever it takes to be popular."For all the anthemic raunch, horror-show makeup and well-planted whispers of Satanism, heavy metal's only discernible message is "Party hearty." The music stirs the kids up only to dump them back in the malls, as exhausted and aimless as ever. He recruited drummer Tommy Lee (bass) from Suite 19, another area band.

He is still on probation; the liner notes on the last Mötley album warned fans, "If and/or when you drink – don't take the wheel. When I was younger, even now, I don't listen to the words. But the set's truly awe-inspiring peak comes when Lee's drum-set cage rises high above the stage.

Live and learn – so we can all fuckin' rock our asses off together for a long, long time to come."Asked what their new album is about, Neil says, "We don't write songs to be messages . If I like the melody, I like the song." Sixx says, "I don't understand U2's music. In the midst of a solo he stops and announces, "I had a fucking dream.

I wanted to play the fucking drums upside down." Then, while he plays, the cage tilts forty-five degrees to the left, then to the right, then face down ninety degrees, and finally it flips him head over heels in two complete circles. " the barechested, strapped-in Lee cries when it finally rights itself.

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