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They'll cut your ass." Because hogs are a non-native species with high reproductive rates, hunters are encouraged to kill them year-round.

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He points the pistol between one of the sow's eyes. It collapses and writhes on the ground, running in place on its side for several seconds, its hooves rattling the cage. "Well, there's some excitement to get the day started!

" He wrote songs like "Drinking Beer With Dad," a winding, melancholy track about watching his son grow up, on his Troy porch over a cigar and coffee.

It was what started off to be maybe five or six people, but it turned into about 20 or 30. It was just time.") hey're gonna start charging," Rock warns as we approach the hogs.

"If for some reason they get out, jump up in back of [the truck].

Rock, 44, sings about cruising Southern back roads and sipping Jim Beam at juke joints on "Good Times Lookin' for Me," and he salutes gun-loving, denim-wearing women on "Johnny Cash." "Jesus and Bocephus" is a spare, fiddle-steeped hymn that pays tribute to the Bible and getting stoned listening to Hank Jr.

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