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The entertainer and mother of two just won her cybersquatting (must add this one to the geek dictionary) case against a man who registered and to send users to a pay-per-click ad site.

And speaking of celebrities and names, Twitter is now taking celebrity usernames and giving them back to the real celebrity.

That's right, say you register your Twitter username under the alias Lindsay Lohan (probably already taken) but say you did secure that name, Twitter would probably take it from you later and tell you to pick a different name. Is Twitter realizing that their popularity is increasing due to celebrity participation and therefore is striving to give them preferential treatment over other users? Is every A, B, C, and even D list celeb going to be knocking on Twitter's door begging for their name back? Should celebs be given any preferential URL and/or username treatment when it comes to the web?

In the meantime, this non-celeb geek will keep using Namechk to see what sites I can and can't use my real name for.

It’s incredibly difficult to even use the chatrooms, because you need AOL Desktop, a free program that when downloaded, feels like a glimpse back into the days of dial-up. And, just like in the 1990s, people looking for sex. She’s 72, and in her free time, she likes making miniature scenes and working in her garden.

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