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by  |  23-Nov-2017 13:22

Still, for some fans of sex-oriented visual novels, restricting official patch links is a step backward.

Although Valve has required content to be cut from certain adult games many times in the past, the reasons why remain murky, even inconsistent; the company doesn’t have an outright policy regarding how it handles games with explicit sexual themes or images.

Instead, both Lupiesoft and Dharker Studio are redirecting players to their official websites, where they can continue to host that content freely.

Users can also share download links for tools that add in more explicit sexual content, although it appears that those threads will no longer be pinned to the top of a forum.

The second is a toolset for customers that allow them to find and filter content (and people are an instance of content most obviously in multiplayer) that is best for them.” We’ve reached out to Valve about the decision to crack down on official uncensored patch links from developers and will update accordingly.

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