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Thailand is a very international place thanks to the hordes of tourists and expats around the country.

Some of my favorite sushi restaurants are in Bangkok, and you can find amazing halal and Indian food in the downtown Sukhumvit area.

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And surprisingly, you’ll also find a lot of Mexican — Señor Pico’s is the best Mexican outside of North America. The warm weather I love the sun a lot (much to my mother’s and my dermatologist’s dismay).

I think after shoveling snow in Boston for the vast majority of my life, I gravitate to the sun, because in the tropics, there’s no snow to shovel.

Thailand is a melting pot of people, and you’ll find people from around the world. Thailand simply offers incredible value for your money. It cuts out the fluff found in other guidebooks and gets straight to the practical information you need to travel and save money while in Thailand, a country I used to call home (so I know it really well! You’ll find suggested itineraries, budgets, ways to save money, on and off the beaten path things to see and do, non-touristy restaurants, markets, and bars, and much more!!

I’ve made friends here from France, Germany, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Israel, just to name a few. A few years back, I was telling my friend that after a month bouncing around the islands, I had spent around 40,000 baht ($1,400 USD). “How the hell could you spend so much money in one month! Thailand is a country so cheap, $1,400 is considered a lot of money. When people ask me what my favorite country is, I always say Thailand.

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