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What if I told you that this prototype is almost fully developed and that the prototypes are now advanced enough to be exported to all nations on earth as soon as the people of the nations are willing to give up their freedom for security? This total surveillance system is well documented fact.

It will be increasingly exported all over the world and it will be in place worldwide for use of the Antichrist and his Beast world system probably somewhere around 2030AD.

Read the article and you will gain some understanding of the total surveillance society that is coming to the whole world.

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Satan also fully knows that the greedy multinationals of the West will help China develop the system because they will sell their own soul for a buck.

Sounds like a George Orwell science fiction fantasy, you think?

Zhang opened the factory two and a half years ago, and his investment has already paid off tenfold.

That kind of growth isn’t unusual in the field he has chosen: Zhang’s factory makes digital surveillance cameras, turning out 400,000 a year.

Inside the domes are high-resolution cameras, the same kind the workers produce at FSAN.

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