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It’s pretty much universal and known here in the US that White people are considered the “most attractive” race among all Americans.

Black people (men and women) and Asian men are the least attractive races among people in the US, even among their own race, sometimes.

As the readership for science fiction and fantasy began to age in the 1950s, writers were able to introduce more explicit sexuality into their work.

Philip José Farmer wrote The Lovers (1952), arguably the first science fiction story to feature sex as a major theme, and Strange Relations (1960), a collection of five stories about human/alien sexual relations.

The ranking of “attractiveness” pretty much goes like this: Furthermore, among the heterosexual demographics for 2014 shows that black men are the least discriminatory when it comes to dating and Asian women are the most discriminatory when it comes to dating, with Hispanic women being the second most, despite white women being the highest number to refuse to date outside of their race (non-whites) altogether, meaning some white women have no racial preference, but white women who do have the strongest and most discriminatory preferences of only white men.

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