Shiurim on dating

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Mostly, one finds either exceedingly expensive Pesach programs, bed bugs, or just a “kosher friendly” place.There’s the exception with a bed and breakfast that is quite good, but I thought I would never find the, l’havdil, “holy grail” of a proper hotel for the Torah observant.Every class is available for reading on our website and for downloading as a or file through the menu to the right, to assist you in creating your own original source sheets.

When I had registered, I was asked the ages of kids.

I didn’t even have to think about asking for the right number of beds and cots, because it was all already in the room, complete with crib for the baby.

I was just looking for a place to go away with the family, but started attending the shirium which were very good.

The “hotel”, well, “family retreat center”, operates seemingly about every other month … They also rent out the space to others and use it for other types of programs.

In your room, you’d think you’re in a Hyatt or Marriot only with bigger rooms (for families).

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