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Dave was a scary man, an ex-convict with a volatile temper and a rap sheet to match. I want 2 fuk it."I wasn't sure whether to blush, laugh, or call the cops. A guy who, up until now, had demonstrated zero interest in my ass, let alone any wish to defile it. He was jailhouse-bald with a smoker's smile, muddy tattoos, and pants three sizes too big. I was ringing up bargain-bin CDs when - bzzz - my phone began to vibrate. So when he finally does get a chance to be alone with you, he will be pretty much panting like a dog.

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The onslaught began - bzzz, bzzz - each message dirtier than the next. But as we neared the end of our shift, I started to panic. How would I explain that my texts meant nothing and that, truthfully, I thought he was kinda ugly and creepy and had the vocabulary of a sixth-grader? The whole thing made me feel kind of dirty - and not in the good way.

To be sure, sexting has its upsides, with its anytime-anywhere accessibility. Take my friend Meredith, 25, a fashion writer who used to text her man from the office with notes like, "I'm at work - let's do it on my desk! " After a few too many drinks one night, she accidentally sent a smutty note to her best friend. I'd never sleep with Dave the Ex-Convict if I met him on the street, so why do it via text?

DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): working DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): what happened last nightanup (12/7/2006 PM): i fell asleep. DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): yeahanup (12/7/2006 PM): ok gimme 5 mins ill be right back. DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hey dont call me that DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hihihianup (12/7/2006 PM): why! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): she's doing fine but got cough and colds nowanup (12/7/2006 PM): and what about u! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): come on DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): please..

DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okayanup (12/7/2006 PM): accepted? DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okay DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*anup (12/7/2006 PM): thanksanup (12/7/2006 PM): muahanup (12/7/2006 PM): hey sexy! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): got no choice..i took a long leave last week..cause of kdanup (12/7/2006 PM): hows she?

anup (12/7/2006 PM): i guess DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hehehe yeah maybeanup (12/7/2006 PM): i hate u DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): i love you DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM):anup (12/7/2006 PM): why u do that huh!

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