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Have you ever wondered why there are so many single Russian girls online? The truth is that there are not enough men in Russia and it is difficult for a lady to find a man in Russia.

Considering how attractive Russian girls are, why aren’t the men Russia marrying them? Other than the difference in numbers between men and women in Russia, the main reason why Russian women tend to look for men outside Russia is LOVE.

): Chahter 1: Bugs and plot holes Some of these bugs were small, some were big (like the photoshoot events or Richard coming back even if you had already rejected him, a complete rework of the FP/LP system, etc.) You won't notice most of them in the game but believe me, we worked our a$$es off to fix all of this.

That means that unfortunately we didn't have much time to create new content. They are from an alternative reality shall we say, and most of them are really hot! Simple, you'll have to do certain things in the game in order to unlock the pictures. Examples: The one you are seeing on the image above can be unlocked if you tell D that the sexy secretary outfit is "Inappropriate" for her, when she visits you at the office.

This project will go until it is done - it will not stop mid-way and I won't disappear.

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