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Ye Ri suddenly uploaded a series of selfies asking if the fans were thinking about her. To follow, Tae Yeon’s recent Instagram posted a video that features a very similar bag in a different color!

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The second alleged coupling is definitely more believable.

As you all know, Irene and Se Hun are both idol artists under SM Entertainment.

Yasuka wrote, “Tae Yong I love you”, “Tae Yong is going to be the bread winner of SM” and “Tae Yong already loves me…” 5. Last September: SNSD Taeyeon and EXO Baekhyun End Their Relationship” 3.

Ye Ri’s Lovestagram With all of the accusations going around, netizens found something suspicious on Red Velvet’s Instagram page. The Couple Bag Incident Baek Hyun was spotted with a new bag with big bold letters on its straps.

Through various portals, netizens have uploaded alleged proofs that show Irene’s boyfriend potentially being EXO’s Se Hun or Simon Dominic.

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