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Field, mine, and core examination indicates a shallow cross cutting relationship between the lowermost bentonite and the prominent Svea coal seam, indicating that the coal deposition was slightly diachronous with a northward migration of the swamps and peat mires through time.

If it is assumed that the calculated sedimentation rate for the Firkanten formation is the same below the lowermost bentonite, then extrapolation allows us to infer that the first sediment deposition at Liljevalchfjellet is calculated to be 61.76 ± 0.09 Ma (using the same error propagation described above).

The onset of compression between Greenland and Svalbard in the Palaeocene led to the eventual formation of the West Spitsbergen fold-and-thrust belt in the Eocene, with a rapidly subsiding foreland basin forming adjacent to the mountain range (Fig. The Central Basin is of particular interest because the timing of the basin’s formation is inherently linked to the evolution of regional tectonics and the relative motions of North America, Greenland, and Eurasia, which changed significantly during the Palaeogene.

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The height of the single grain rectangles (light blue) is proportional to the 2σ uncertainty of that measurement.

The weighted mean of each sample set is shown as a black line, with translucent grey bands either side representing the 2σ uncertainty.

Extrapolated sediment accumulation rates allow for an estimation of first deposition in the eastern Central Basin.

The first Palaeocene sediment deposition on the Cretaceous peneplain was the Grønfjorden bed, a conglomerate that is thought to represent braided river deposits in low-relief ridge and valley systems, strongly suggest the basal unconformity is not isochronal.

This indicates that any reworking of material occurred soon after deposition and it is therefore extremely likely that these layers represent a single source.

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