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Also, be aware that the track to the loch can be muddy, so good shoes or hiking boots are essential!

There are actually two falls here, with my favourite being the top falls, which is the one pictured.

You’re going to want to bring a tripod (I use and recommend the Vanguard VEO range for travel!

In those 500 miles of driving you’ll see some of the best scenery that the rugged Scottish north has to offer, from lochs to castles to highland landscapes.

Well, if not, it’s an epic scenic drive around the northern coast of Scotland, starting from Inverness in the north east of the country and heading all around the top of Scotland in a big loop that brings you back to Inverness.

As well as this photography guide to the NC500, we’ve also written a guide to the highlights of the NC500, a detailed guide to accommodation on the North Coast 500 as part of our Scotland content.

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