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by  |  26-Jun-2017 10:43

Thankfully we found homes for 2 of the cats permanently and we are still trying to find homes for 2 more.

What a healing experience this was for us, as we put ourselves out there and many arms opened to lovingly catch us.

The day of our flight was exciting as we could feel the winds of change sweeping in to carry us aloft.

The feeling of leaving Florida, and not knowing exactly when we would be coming back was surreal.

It did not feel like we were running away from a horrible life however, it felt more like a transition into a new space and an up-stepping of creative energies.

Leaving the Cats was hard for us, and we both felt strong emotions, to tears, for a few days. The number 9 was synchronisticly popping up at that time, which for us indicates one door is closing while another is opening.

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