Is our time dating site safe dating ariane how to

by  |  10-Nov-2017 05:33

I signed up for only one month but they charged me for 6 months.

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When I forwarded them to the service department, I received a response assuring me that my profile was no longer visible and that it's not visible to any members on the site. Had to cancel card and work with credit card company to block them.

I believe many of the profiles are fake and most of the matches they send you are the wrong age and live several states away.

Beware this is a terrible site and should be closed down.

Write to the authorities as this site is horrible and is "stealing" money from people.

At most, I provided my first name ONLY, and that was even only to a few men. I called their number and found out that their customer service is not available after 7 pm. When I was finally able to reach someone (Never a return call from them, I just had to keep calling), I asked them why my account was unavailable.

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