Gypsy dating customs

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The dance begins again, but this time around the future bride to be.This is the last important moment of the wedding reception.It is forbidden for two brides to see each other in their wedding days because it means bad luck and divorce.

When the ceremony is over, the bride and the groom will be the first to get out of the church.

Do you remember the bucket full of water and money?

After the special song for this occasion is finished the bride will be set in the middle of the hoe-down on a chair and the Godmother will take her veil of and will replace it with a scarf or a wimple.

From that moment she is no longer a bride and she becomes a wife.

During the religious ceremony, the godmother stands by the bride’s side, holding a tall candle (70-130 cm high and decorated with flowers) with the help of the bridesmaid, and the godfather stands by the groom’s side, helped by the best man with another identical candle.

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