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by  |  18-Dec-2017 17:57

“I should have never have put the relationship out on social media, first of all,” Carter Reynolds said to his You Now audience back in December.

The popular Vine star, with over 4.3 million followers on the looping video site (and another 2.3 million on Twitter) was addressing rumors that were swirling about his relationship with fellow social media star Maggie Lindemann.

Oh my gosh.”To make all of this worse, Reynolds is 19 and Lindeman is only 16, which in most states is below the age of consent.

Reynolds lives in Los Angeles, where the age of consent is 18, meaning that if the act occurred in his home state, he was attempting statutory rape (namely, unlawful oral copulation and sexual intercourse with a minor).

But unlike that well-oiled family machine, which never seems to make a misstep, Reynolds has tarnished his reputation with this sex scandal, which is a surprisingly familiar story for a lot of social media stars.

Reynolds’ reaction to the leak was a mixture of obvious panic and misguided attempts to remedy the situation.

They think I’m the only bad person in this entire relationship.”Apparently, Reynolds was disappointed with how Lindemann handled the scandal: “I didn’t rape her. The fact that she’s trying to be all innocent now or something…it didn’t affect her that much.

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