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She ran into a fast food restaurant for help while Raucci tried to distract him until police could arrive.Bleeding, Hulsey returned to the street to help her friend and the man stabbed Hulsey again.“There are guys who date transgender women and sometimes resort to violence to erase what they think is their shame,” says Tio Hardiman, president of Violence Interrupters Inc., a violence prevention organization.

20 their loved ones and supporters have gathered across the country and around the world for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The names of the slain are read off one by one, like a memorial service at a besieged military outpost before the troops wearily return to war.

However, as Buzzfeed pointed out, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, an advocacy group, released a similar report last year, finding that 344 trans people had been victimized in 2013, with 13 of them killed.

The group’s findings have been disputed, in part because it counts some cases not classified as crimes by law enforcement.

It’s too dangerous out there and she has too many scars to her body and soul to waste time with fairy tales. Her advice to “the next generation of girls” is blunt: Always be on guard. In the first two months of 2015, at least seven transgender women of color – almost one a week – were murdered in the United States, from Miami to Los Angeles.

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