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Matt and Minnie began dating in 1996 after starring together in Good Will Hunting — and because quippy celebrity couple names weren't a thing at the time, they missed an opportunity to be called "Mannie." Anyway, their relationship ended about a year later in a sort of cringeworthy way; Matt appeared on Oprah and denied having a girlfriend, so Minnie found out she was single along with the rest of the world.

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The Danes believe that a balanced diet supplies all the vitamins and minerals one could need, and that too much of these things can cause harm.(Source: Quora) The late 1990s saw the Indian government ban advertisements for alcoholic beverages.

Many companies have tried to get around the ban by promoting surrogate products using the brand name of their alcohol, although even some of those ads have come under fire from the government in the past.(Source: Quora) Not anymore, thankfully.

The original ban came in 1992, when someone used chewed gum to bring the public transportation system to a halt.

Somehow.(Source: Quora) OK, not the entirety of the Philippines, but Claire Danes did become persona non grata in the capital city of Manila in the late '90s.

After giving interviews in which she described conditions in the city, where she was filming a movie, in less-than-favorable terms, the city council instituted a ban on all movies starring Danes.(Source: Quora) These are two of the most popular products disallowed by a Danish law that requires government approval for any foods fortified with vitamins or minerals.

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