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The meaning of work is explored in section 2.2.(2.) Who are they working with?

The definition of child and protected adult is set out in section 2.3.(3.) What do they do?

'The decision to extend access to child psychologists to the age of 25 is a welcome one, as are the terms of the Children and Families Bill that will give young people with the most complex needs a legal right to specialist support, including to educational psychologists, to the age of 25.

This chapter explains the concept of regulated work in order to help individuals and organisations to decide which positions fall within the definition.2.

Note that not all steps are required in all cases.2.2 - Step 1: Work11.

Work is defined at section 95 of the Scheme, being a foster carer is regarded as work.

In order to avoid committing the offence, organisations must work out whether or not the work they are asking an individual to do is regulated work and, if it is, should ask for one of the types of disclosure record discussed in chapter 1.9.

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